This training course will be concentrating on the management of medicines in schools and nurseries. When designing this course we have focused on COMPLIANCE, BEST PRACTICE and looking at EVIDENCE for Inspection. This course has been written for those who work in all Early Years Foundation Stage settings including nurseries and pre-schools, out of school providers and childminders. It is presented with a mixture of written text, video clips and quizzes .The course features film clips from  an Early Years setting and an Interview with an Ofsted specialist and also draws upon our own extensive experience as medical professionals, practitioners, inspectors and trainers. We also use peer learning from colleagues currently working in the early years sector.

Module 1Introduction
Lesson 1Welcome
Lesson 2Objectives
Lesson 3Course Structure
Module 2Government Guidance, Legal Implications and School Policies
Lesson 1Current Government Guidelines
Lesson 2The Role of School Staff
Lesson 3Ensuring Medicines are Safe
Lesson 4EYFS Statutory Framework
Lesson 5Record Keeping
Lesson 6Sending Children Home
Lesson 7Insurance
Lesson 8Review your Setting's Practice
Lesson 9Setting Policy
Module 3Classification of Drugs, Controlled Drugs and Routes of Administration
Lesson 1Classification of Drugs and Medicines
Lesson 2Controlled Drugs in your Setting
Lesson 3Brand and Generic Names
Module 4Why do we give medication? Including serious medical conditions and emergencies
Lesson 1Why do we need to give medication in our setting?
Lesson 2Emergency Treatment
Lesson 3Anaphylaxis
Lesson 4Asthma
Module 5Different Routes of Administering Drugs
Lesson 1Routes of Administration - Oral
Lesson 2Routes of Administration - Non-Oral
Module 6Storage of Medication
Lesson 1Storage of Medication
Lesson 2Storage of Emergency Medication
Lesson 3Temperature Regulated Storage
Module 7Consent and Confidentiality
Lesson 1Consent and Confidentiality
Module 8The correct procedure when administering medication
Lesson 1Procedure for Administering Medication
Lesson 2Recording the Administration of Medication
Lesson 3Important Things to Remember
Module 9What Happens if a Drug is Given Incorrectly
Lesson 1What if Something Goes Wrong?
Module 10Inspection
Lesson 1Inspection: What Makes You Outstanding?