Risky Play

Welcome to our course! We have designed the content and the context of this course to consider the most important issues for practitioners when implementing all things relating to health and safety in a childcare setting. We will focus on COMPLIANCE, BEST PRACTICE and EVIDENCE FOR OFSTED INSPECTION. The course has been written for those who work in nurseries, pre-schools, out of school providers and childminders and is underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework. To help practitioners to recognise this area of legislation we have colour coded all content quoting the EYFS in red. It is presented with a mixture of written text, video clips, scenarios and quizzes. It not only draws upon our own extensive experience as practitioners, inspectors and trainers but also uses peer learning from colleagues currently working in the early years sector.

This course features film clips an area manager of a group of day-care settings and takes a look at how they manage and implement their health and safety requirements in keeping with legislation and in particular the Early Years Foundation Stage. The manager tells us of effective management systems and practice that supports this. We also feature a childminder who is passionate about providing children with risky play opportunities in the outdoors. We hear about why it is important for young children to experience risk in play and ask her how she works with the children to help them manage their own risks. In addition to all of this we provide links to external websites that help you to piece together the bigger picture and help make learning connections to supplement the course further. We have even provided you with helpful downloadable templates and tools that support health and safety and risk assessment too!

We hope that you find the course helpful and that we can further support your learning in this area of practice.

Module 1Introduction
Lesson 1Introduction
Lesson 2Overview of Module 2: Legislation
Lesson 3Overview of Module 3: Communication
Lesson 4Overview of Module 4: Risk
Lesson 5Overview of Module 5: Evidence for Ofsted
Module 2Legislation
Lesson 1Legislation – Health and Safety and the law.
Lesson 2Early Years Foundation Stage – Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements
Lesson 3Keeping Children Safe and Well
Lesson 4Health - Medicines
Lesson 5Health –food and drink
Lesson 6Health – accident or injury
Lesson 7Safety and suitability of premises, environment and equipment
Lesson 8Paediatric First Aid Training Requirements
Module 3Communication
Lesson 1Introduction to Communication
Lesson 2What information do we obtain from parents that support children’s health and safety ?
Lesson 3How do we maintain that ‘two-way flow of information’ between ourselves and parents?
Module 4Risk Assessment / Risk Benefit
Lesson 1Risk Assessment
Lesson 2Good risk vs bad risk
Lesson 3Trips and Outings
Module 5Evidence for Ofsted
Lesson 1Evidence for Ofsted inspection