What does the audit include?

Our early years inspection audits will follow the ‘footprint’ of or the same activity undertaken in an Ofsted inspection and take into account the context of the setting such as whether it is a full day-care, sessional, out of school or childminder provision. It will report on the strengths and areas for improvement on all the 3 main judgment areas of the common inspection framework these being;

Effectiveness of leadership and management

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Personal development, behaviour and welfare

It will conclude on the outcomes for children

The audit will consider the following;

  • Previous inspection reports, actions, recommendations and areas where improvement has been noted
  • Details from the settings SEF and comment on how leaders judge and performance manage the process of improvement
  • Tour of the premises to gather evidence on all aspects of the inspection audit
  • Observe care practices and staff’s support of all groups of children
  • Gather evidence about the quality of teaching and learning (not OOS providers)
  • Track a child to determine progress made overtime
  • Speak with parents about their views on the provision
  • Consider how children are helped and protected so that they are kept safe
  • Determine with staff in the setting their knowledge of safeguarding and child protection
  • Judge the effectiveness of the role of the key person
  • Engage leaders and staff in the process of peer observation
  • Conduct a leadership and management interview
  • Look at key policies and procedures including safe recruitment processes
  • Provide feedback at the conclusion of the audit

In order to meet data protection requirements we will need parents’ permission to take a look at any personal information about children and staff’s permission to take into account personal details such as supervision notes and professional development discussions.

Who will undertake the audit?

All of our audits will be done by either existing Ofsted inspectors or those who have experience of inspecting early years provision. This includes highly experienced HMI inspectors who no longer work for Ofsted.

What will the audit achieve?

As the process of auditing a setting is ultimately to determine the extent to which it is effectively meeting expectations of inspection it will therefore provide settings with a number of things.

  • An informed process that checks on the status of the setting in preparation for inspection
  • Up-to-date information relevant for Ofsted inspections in the early years and how to meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage
  • Advice on areas of change, improvement and progress needed to achieve positive outcomes in an inspection
  • Discussion and advice that informs actions plans and self-evaluation processes

How long does the audit take?

Length of audits vary to reflect the setting and therefore prices vary also.

Full daycare – whole day including preparation and verbal feedback £550.00 (£650.00 including written report)

Sessional care – 3 hrs pre-school or out of school provision including preparation and verbal feedback £350.00 (£450.00 including written report)


All audits will include a bound copy of the Early Years Inspection Handbook