Early Years Hub is the creation of Rachel Buckler, Louise Crolla and Peter Crolla who are all Directors of the company. Along with our fabulous team of office staff and trainer / consultants we make up the Early Years Hub.

Our trainers are experts in the field of health and safety including experienced and skilled early years practitioners who design and deliver courses using a working knowledge and understanding of current practice and guidance relating to the early years workforce. They include early years graduates, those with ‘early years professional status’, qualified teachers, health professionals, children centre leaders and experienced inspectors who have worked for Ofsted and the Care Inspectorate. We also have a number of associate trainers whom we work closely with and whose expertise informs our training.

Rachel Buckler Early Years Hub Director and Trainer

Rachel Buckler

Peter Crolla Early Years Hub Director

Peter Crolla

Louise Crolla Early Years Hub Director

Louise Crolla

Michelle Peachey

Liz Palmer Early Years Hub Trainer and Consultant

Liz Palmer

Kath Gethin, Early Years Hub Trainer

Kath Gethin

Helen Finbow, Trainer, Early Years Hub

Helen Finbow

Sarah Keating, Trainer, Early Years Hub

Sarah Keating

Mine Conkbayir, Early Years Hub Associate Trainer

Mine Conkbayir

Paul Taylor, Early Years Hub Trainer

Paul Taylor

Early Years Hub Trainer Gary Manock

Gary Manock

Marie McKittrick, Early Years Hub Trainer

Marie McKittrick

Hilary Long, Early Years Hub Trainer

Hilary Long

Shana Laffy, Early Years Hub Associate Trainer and Consultant

Shana Laffy