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Here at Early Years Hub we’re busy planning our new set of online courses, training you can undertake at your own pace in your own setting – even at home! While there are some of our courses that don’t translate well to an online version (for example, those that have a strong practical or ‘hands-on’ element), we are very confident that for some of our courses we can offer the same in-depth training from experienced and informative trainers as you would get in the training room. In the following video our Director Rachel Buckler outlines a little bit more of our plan for offering online courses…

One thing we are still working on is what order we release our online courses in, and to help with that we’d love our customers (and potential customers!) to let us know what sort of courses they are looking for. We would be very grateful if you could fill the following form in and submit it – we don’t collect names on this form, so all data is anonymised, it’s simply to help us judge demand for each course.

Online Courses Questionnaire