Coronavirus update and information

1st June 2020 UPDATE


We are now open and able to deliver training both in-house and as open courses. We have scheduled new open course dates for the remainder of 2020. Some courses will be delivered face to face whilst others will be delivered via online or blended learning. The courses start from 1st June and can be booked via the website or you can email us at

Our training venue has been adjusted to accommodate social distancing guidelines and various safety procedures have been put into place to ensure everyone’s safety whilst attending any training with us. All training equipment will be cleaned and sanitised prior to, and following any contact. Training activities are adapted to ensure no contact and distancing can be adhered to. We will provide gloves, face masks and resuscitation face shields to all delegates. Temperature checks are also done on Trainers and delegates prior to the training. Our risk assessment has been updated to incorporate all government and awarding body guidelines. 

First Aid Industry Body

Health and Safety Solutions (NW) Ltd and Early Years Hub bring together high quality, affordable training, information, support and advice for those working in private businesses, schools, colleges, NHS, early years establishments and on behalf of Local Authorities.

Our trainers are experts in the field of health and safety, experienced and skilled teacher practitioners who design and deliver courses using a working knowledge and understanding of current practice and guidance. They include qualified teachers, nursing staff, Emergency Service professionals and Ofsted inspectors. We are accredited by FAIB and maintain the highest standards of training and consultancy with regular quality assurance checks.  Our safeguarding courses are endorsed and quality assured by a number of Greater Manchester Local Authority, Local Safeguarding Children Boards.

We offer information, support and advice at various levels whether it be bespoke consultancy.